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Shaun Provost Personal TrainerShaun Provost, Certified Personal Trainer, NBC-HWC, CEO Live Unbreakable LLC


Hi, I'm Shaun Provost Personal Trainer Raleigh NC!

Get ready to elevate your fitness journey with me; with over 15 years of experience sculpting bodies and minds, I'll craft a personalized training experience that ignites your fire and helps you live UNBREAKABLE. Whether you crave strength, endurance, or a complete physical reawakening, my programs will unlock your full potential and redefine what you thought possible. Let's get sweaty and make every rep count toward your strongest, sexiest self yet!

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about shaun provost

You’d probably never know by looking at me - but my fitness journey really started with ballet. I absolutely loved dance… for the whole two years I got to do it! I quickly shifted to gymnastics, and boy I’m glad I did.  I was a competitive gymnast for over 12 years, regionally and nationally ranked for a few of those. And then college came… and I completely lost my identity. I had no idea who I was without gymnastics. I even wore my leotard to the gym to run on the treadmill and lift weights with my friends. I got a little into diving and then running, keeping fitness on the back burner during that phase of my life. Until I found obstacle course racing.  OCRs made me feel alive. They challenged me mentally and physically, they made me excited to train, and most importantly, they came with a community of individuals just as crazy about them as I was.  From there, my passion for fitness and health really blossomed, and I never looked back.

shaun provost's certifications

issa certified master trainer

International Sports Sciences Association Certified Master Trainer

nbc-hwc health coach

National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach

additional certifications

NASM Board Certified Personal Trainer

NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist

NASM Mental Toughness Certified

NASM Metabolic Specialist

NASM COVID Management Certified

NASM Bodybuilding Coach

NASM Senior Fitness Certification

ISSA Certified Personal Trainer

ISSA Run Coach Certified

ISSA Nutrition Coach


ISSA Exercise & Recovery Specialist

ISSA Performance Enhancement Specialist

ISSA Master Trainer Certification

AFAA Modality Certified

CrossFit Nutrition 1 Coach

Gut Health Nutrition Certified

IIN Certified Health Coach

NBC-HWC Health Coach

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology & Business

Master of Business Administration


Functional fitness, Strength training, Obstacle Course Racing

training philosophy

Live Unbreakable goes beyond traditional fitness coaching to offer a comprehensive approach that elevates your body, mindset, and lifestyle. We believe in the power of customized fitness programs, science-backed nutrition plans, and a sustainable healthy lifestyle to unlock your full potential. We focus on the most important pieces: consistency, mental strength, and overcoming challenges, to help you achieve lasting results.

Our trainers are your partners in this progress, meeting you exactly where you are and actively pushing you further with every single session. We demand the best from you because we believe in your ability to achieve greatness, day after day. This dedication is an investment in yourself, allowing you to discover your inner fire and build the tools for real change.

We also recognize that one-on-one training and personalized plans aren't always the most affordable option for everyone.  That's why we offer some generalized plans designed to reach a wider audience at a lower financial commitment. These plans provide similar guidance and support, making fitness and lifestyle improvements accessible to everyone.

After all, our mission is to help, not hinder, people's success. We believe everyone deserves access to the tools they need to thrive, and we're committed to making that a reality.

services offered

one-on-one personal training, Group training, online coaching

weight loss, muscle gain, sports-specific training

nutrition coaching and supplement guidance, accountability, mental tenacity training

client testimonials

“I met Coach Shaun by chance as I was beginning to plateau in the gym and become discouraged. At that point I was on a single track when it came to training, and while I got results for awhile, the returns were diminishing.
Shaun provided insight on different splits/sets, convinced me to try new things, and rounded out the nutrition side of the equation. With these changes I got almost immediate results, shattered the plateau, and started moving weight I never thought I'd touch.
Working with Shaun has been an absolute pleasure, and she seems to know exactly when to push me, or to give me some grace. I can't speak enough about her wealth of knowledge, her passion, her attitude, or how she manages to pass all of that off onto the people around her. I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone looking to elevate their level of fitness and wellness.” S.L.

“SECOND TO NONE!! I've been working with Live Unbreakable for over a year now and I cannot stress enough how incredible it's been! I met Shaun by happenstance through an online challenge and took a leap of faith by hiring her as a coach after becoming friends (I'd never done that before) and it's been the best decision I've ever made! The knowledge, dedication and passion behind the brand is amazing! Coach Shaun is the best! I have a pretty extensive nutrition program tailor made for me and my strongman lifestyle! It is so much more than a meal plan though; there's accountability , teaching, and genuine commitment to the goals I have set! My health, strength and mental clarity after working with the Shaun and LU have exponentially improved! If you're looking to take your nutritional journey to the next level, there is no better way to do it than Eat.Train.Live Unbreakable” J.K.

“Coach Shaun is amazing!! Live Unbreakable is the best fitness organization I have had the pleasure of being a client in. Coach Shaun will push you to be what you can be whether you believe it or not. But be ready to give 100% effort. From an her endless amount of knowledge, she is constantly sharing amazing information with everyone via Instagram, Facebook, and her podcast. This is one decision I have never regretted.” J.R.

“My grandmother bought me this dress for me my senior year of college and it was always just a little too small and I've literally NEVER been able to zip it up until now! I've been trying on clothes that used to not fit all afternoon!” S.G.

“Coach Shaun of Live Unbreakable has been one of the best personal trainers that I've had the pleasure of working with.  She makes sure that the exercise programs she designs for me work around my busy schedule as a working mom.  She has also worked with me on my nutrition to stick with a diet that is both workable for my life and also seriously delicious!  I highly recommend her for all your health needs, both in person and online!” M.S.

“You want real results not the fads or hypes but genuine results for your body!? Coach Shaun and her team go hard to get you where you need to be! Let me tell you when you come to this company for Personal training needs the hype is all it's cracked up to be! I've known Shaun for years and I have NEVER been promised unattainable goals and if I couldn't do something she was honest! I appreciate and admire their knowledge of all things training related and healthy living! If you're not working with this team you're really missing out!” S.S.

“Shaun is the best personal trainer my husband and I have ever had. She motivates us to be the best we can be. She is highly competent and excels in all areas of fitness whether it's balance work, weight training, bands, TRX, boxing etc she does it all. Shaun changes our workouts regularly based on the goals we set together so we don't get bored and to help us achieve our fitness goals. She's in amazing shape herself and leads by example!!” B.G.

For more testimonials, please visit:

achievements and success stories

Half Ironman World Championship Competitor. Ironman Finisher. Undefeated Fenway Spartan Race Women’s First Place Winner. 10x Marathoner. 2x Ultramarathoner.

For success stories and the best before/after, please visit:

contact information

  • Email: shaun (at) liveunbreakable (dot) com
  • IG: @livingunbreakable
  • App on Apple & Google Play stores: Living Unbreakable

A message from shaun provost personal trainer raleigh nc

Shaun Provost Personal Trainer

Are you ready to commit to living UNBREAKABLE? Reach out now to begin your total mind and body transformation under the guidance of a trainer who will push you to surpass any limits holding you back. Stop making excuses and start getting excited about seeing those changes in your mind and body. Let's forge an unbreakable version of you - message me to get started!

frequently asked questions

“I’m not sure what I need, but I need to lose weight and get my energy back.”

The health and fitness field can be extremely overwhelming, which is why I take the time to learn about YOU, specifically, and what your goals are, so we can get you moving in the right direction!

“I have hit a plateau in my training, and nothing seems to help change my body composition or the number on the scale. Can you help me break through that and start to see progress again?"

Yes, I can! Plateaus in fitness are common, but not necessarily “normal,” and can come from any number of different areas in your training. I’ll work with you 1:1 to determine the cause, and then resolve it!

“I don’t see a specific program of yours that fits what I need, can we work something out that’s more specific to my goals?"

Absolutely, yes.

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