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Self-Directed and Community-Supported Online Personal Training Courses & learning sessions to Fast-Track Your Success!

Online Personal Trainer Courses

Online Personal Trainer Courses!

Continuing education is fundamental to our mission to Empower Personal Trainers to Thrive Independently. Given this, and your own commitment to continuous learning, we're proud to create resources to support your business, career, and professional development. Bookmark this page, and check in often, for updates to free and community-powered courses!

let's take a look at the epicenter training courses & learning sessions!

Elevate Your Skills with Our learning sessions and Community-Powered Courses inside the epicenter training online academy!

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Community-powered courses and learning sessions are the foundation of the Epicenter Training Online Academy private membership. They include written &/or video instruction in self-paced learning or live online engagement.

Each course and session includes includes actions to take, templates to follow, and tactics for you to implement right away to attract more prospects, train more clients, and build a profitable personal training business.

As an Epicenter Training Online Academy member, you're also able to join our personalized coaching calls where you can present your challenges and successes and receive feedback and insight from our co-founders and other community members.

learning sessions help you do 3 things

  1. Organize your systems - Sharpen your axe, before you start cutting. Invest time in planning your business, pricing, marketing, sales, and programming strategies.

  2. Attract and enroll new clients - Once your systems are decided, you need to act upon them to engage followers, earn subscribers, schedule consultations, and close orientation sessions.

  3. Improve client retention - Focus only on #2 and you'll be in constant need of new business. Enhance your client fulfillment, reduce client turnover, and learn to add clients when you want to instead of out of desperation.

become a member and you get

  • Immediate access to all of the Learning Sessions listed below

  • Access to newly-published Learning Sessions, so long as your membership is active

  • Access to personalized coaching calls where you can ask questions, present challenges, and receive insight from co-founders and other members of our community

  • 24/7 access to discussion boards in our private community

  • The opportunity to contribute to and/or vote on future Learning Session releases

available learning sessions

Recordings of the Learning Sessions are immediately available when you join the Epicenter Training Online Academy.

Choosing and Managing Your Services

How to select your services (e.g. - 1:1, groups), decide on packages or memberships, commitment periods, & more.

How to Choose Exercises and Why

Understanding and grouping major movements for purpose, muscles involved, equipment needed, progressions and modifications, cueing, and videos.

How to Organize Your Leads

Organization for your leads so you can grow your business and be diligent with your outreach.

Lead Generation

Ideas for consistent, top-of-funnel lead generation.

Planning Your Business

Understanding what influences your income and expenses so your business can be profitable, and how to begin forecasting for the future.

Pricing Your Services

How to consider items that influence your pricing and determine your ideal service offerings.

Programming for Your Clients

Best practices and easy ways to stay organized for your busy schedule.

PT Business Building 101

Learn how to build your business from the ground up, organize and fill your schedule, attract and retain clients, and leave behind the constraints of corporate gym employment.

Scheduling Your Clients / Admin Work

How to stay organized and work with the ebbs and flows of your business.

To Do List Tutorial

Organizing your business so you can tackle it with ease.

community-powered courses

Community-powered courses are coming soon!

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Join here to get immediate access to ALL the Learning Sessions and our coaching calls.