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Hi, we're Laura, Mike, and Boh!

At Epicenter Training, we empower personal trainers to thrive in business, helping them excel in corporate gym settings or advance their independent success, fostering sustainable, impactful careers.

With over 50 years of collective experience in the fitness industry, Laura Mahoney, Michael Poirier, and David Bohmiller have united to make this vision a reality.

Laura MahoneyLaura Mahoney
Michael PoirierMichael Poirier
David BohmillerDavid Bohmiller

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Unlock field-tested tactics for converting 1st sessions into paying clients. Discover how to host orientation sessions that make it easy for prospects to say yes to training.

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But, the fitness professional's journey can be lonely. Imagine the trainer working late into the night, crafting workout plans or tackling marketing strategies alone. Imagine the employed trainer, whose managers are strictly quota-focused. Despite their passion for fitness and dedication to clients, the lack of a supportive community can dampen their spirit and put the sustainability of their venture at risk.

That's why we launched Epicenter Training and its Online Academy. We bring personal trainers together, foster growth, and provide support. Ours is a vibrant community where trainers share insights, collaborate, and support each other. Through resources, mentorship, and networking events, we equip personal trainers with the tools and camaraderie essential for thriving in fitness business whether employed or independent.

benefits you can expect

Personal Trainer Skills

business skills

Gain the expertise and systems you need to launch and grow a successful training business.

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community support

Connect with fellow trainers, exchange insights, and overcome challenges together.

Mentorship and Coaching

co-founder access

Receive personalized guidance directly from our co-founders for tailored growth strategies.

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βœ… Online Academy Onboarding

βœ… Private Messaging with Co-Founders

βœ… Instant Referral & Trusted Partner Network

βœ… Access to In-person Member Meetups

βœ… Co-Founder Facilitated Virtual Sessions

βœ… Video and Print Resources

βœ… 24/7 Community Support

βœ… Confidence to Grow Your Successful Business

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We also offer a range of valuable resources to support trainers in their journey.

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1. inside epicenter training newsletter

Our newsletter simplifies business growth for entrepreneurial personal trainers. You get tips, strategies, and resources to launch, grow, and sustain a profitable business.

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2. the sales playbook

Unlock field-tested tactics for converting 1st sessions into paying clients. Discover how to deliver impactful orientation sessions, making it easier for your clients to commit to continued training.

Join the experts who use our personal trainer sales script

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Online Personal Trainer Courses

3. courses and learning sessions

Access self-directed and instructor-guided online personal training courses & learning sessions to accelerate your success.

Explore our catalog of online personal training courses and learning sessions

4. exclusive online academy

Experience unparalleled professional growth. Whether you're a novice or seasoned professional, our academy is designed to enhance your skills, elevate your business acumen, and enrich client engagement.

Join a thriving community of fit pros to accelerate your personal trainer education

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Strategy Session

5. individual strategy sessions

Need an expert opinion? A refocus? A fresh perspective? We're here to help. Let's get together for a virtual power hour and put together an action plan to accelerate your personal training success.

Schedule a 1:1 session with a personal trainer business coach

coming soon to greater boston!

your independent personal training studio

Join a new era in fitness. Our premium training facility is crafted to ignite inspiration for trainers and clients. Step into a state-of-the-art space designed to nurture growth, facilitate transformation, and amplify the joy of training.

Learn about our personal training studio.

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We're striving to be the premier destination for fitness professionals seeking business growth, sustainability, and education. Our goal is to emerge as the preferred training hub for entrepreneurial personal trainers, dedicated to making your success our foremost mission.

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Join us to revolutionize the fitness industry. Epicenter Training is where you'll find the support, resources, and community to thrive independently and build sustainable, impactful careers. Together, we'll make "The Focal Point of Entrepreneurial Personal Trainer Success" a reality.

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