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Personal Trainer Technology
David Bohmiller

by David Bohmiller
Co-founder of Epicenter Training

Personal Trainer Technology Essentials

Starting a personal training business? It's hard to escape the need for technology. From building credibility to attracting clients and managing business operations, getting the right software and tools in place can relieve headaches for you and give your prospects and clients an exceptional experience. In this article, we'll explore the essential technologies every personal trainer needs to start and grow their business effectively.

let's explore personal trainer technology!

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building credibility and attracting clients

With 1000s of personal trainers for your prospective clients to choose from, establishing credibility is critical to your success. A strong online presence, including a professional website and active social media presence, can help build trust with potential clients. While a website may seem like a significant investment, platforms like ConvertKit offer cost-effective solutions for creating landing pages and forms to showcase your expertise and attract clients.

co-founder perspective

"If you're bootstrapping your business, with limited funds at the start, saving nice-to-haves for a later date can be incredibly helpful.

While there are less expensive options, and certainly much more expensive options, my most-trusted website-building platform runs about $350 per year. If I wanted to forgo this expense initially, as I recommend to many coaching students, I'd opt for what's currently, at the time of this writing, ConvertKit's free tier.

For $0 per month, and remaining free up to 1,000 subscribers, new creators can focus on building their list with the help of the following features:

→ Unlimited landing pages

→ Unlimited broadcasts

→ Audience targeting and segmentation

→ Selling digital products and subscriptions

→ Community support

As much as I love and encourage fitness professionals to enhance their credibility with a website, there's more than enough in this alternative route to help you build an online presence and reduce your reliance on the uncertainty of social media platform algorithms, and at zero cost." - David Bohmiller

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lead generation and conversion

Remember MySpace and Friendster? Maybe I'm giving away my age, but I remember how attached people became to their following on those platforms. And, when those platforms went the way of the dinosaurs, so too did the ability of the creators to be in touch with any of their followers. That is, unless they'd been building an email list of their own outside of the platforms.

Relying solely on social media for client acquisition can be risky. If you've built strong followings on Instagram, Tik Tok, LinkedIn, or others, you'll want to reduce your risk. To do this, personal trainers should prioritize lead generation and conversion strategies. Platforms like ConvertKit not only help capture leads, by way of landing pages and forms, but also help you facilitate email marketing campaigns to nurture prospects and convert them into paying clients. In the same platform, by offering valuable content and freebies, trainers can build a loyal subscriber base and reduce reliance on unpredictable social media algorithms.

communication and client management

Effective communication is essential for virtual sessions and client interactions. Tools like Google Meet, Zoom, or scheduling software such as Calendly and Acuity Scheduling streamline appointment management and ensure seamless communication with clients. By providing a professional and efficient client experience, trainers can enhance client satisfaction and retention.

Most of these communication platforms offer no-cost and/or low-cost options, and even the ability to attach a fee to certain types of appointments. If you're offering multiple appointment types (e.g. - consultations, 1:1 training, small group training, etc), you may need to upgrade to a paid tier. If you're just starting out, keep it simple.

As an example, for remote/virtual training appointments, a personal trainer could sell their service subscription using ConvertKit's e-commerce feature (available on the free tier) and host their sessions in Google Meet. The one area where you might need an additional system is in tracking session usage. A great, no-cost option is Google Sheets. For an all-in-one resource, though with an investment, Mindbody and other like software are worth exploring.

How to Choose Personal Trainer Technology

program delivery and management

Delivering training programs in a professional manner is crucial for client satisfaction. While specialized apps offer advanced features, trainers can start with simple solutions like Excel or Google Sheets for program management. These platforms allow trainers to organize client data, track progress, and provide personalized training plans without breaking the bank.

Not adept with software like Excel or Google Sheets? Your clients won't be judging you on how fancy your spreadsheets are, but on ease-of-use; their ability to access them and accomplish their workouts.

Do better with video tutorials? There are plenty of courses, for those new to spreadsheets and those wanting advanced instruction, on YouTube and LinkedIn Learning.

business setup and management

Establishing a legal business entity and separating personal and business finances are vital steps for long-term success. We encourage trainers to seek qualified professionals who specialize in these nuanced areas, and who can provide their expert insight based on their knowledge of your unique circumstances.

If choosing to charge ahead without such guidance, platforms like LegalZoom offer convenient solutions for business entity creation, while banking options like Relay provide seamless financial management for fitness entrepreneurs. By setting up a solid business foundation, trainers can protect their assets and position themselves for growth.

financial management

Managing finances effectively is key to sustainable business growth. Online banking platforms like Relay offer tailored solutions for business banking, ensuring easy access to funds and streamlined financial management. By maintaining clear separation between personal and business finances, trainers can make informed financial decisions and drive profitability in their fitness businesses.

You and your situation are unique to those of other professionals, and so we encourage you to seek the support and guidance of professionals who are qualified in these areas, so that they can provide you with recommendations that are fitting of your particular circumstance.

key takeaways of how to choose personal trainer technology

Personal trainer technology is essential to your success in the fitness industry. And, there are ways to introduce no-cost and low-cost software and service options into your operational strategy.

By leveraging digital tools for credibility, lead generation, communication, and financial management, trainers can streamline their business operations and position themselves for long-term success. Prioritize the right technologies and stay adaptable to emerging trends, and you can thrive as an independent personal trainer.

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