how to get more personal training clients

get more personal training clients with active outreach strategies

Get More Personal Training Clients
David Bohmiller

by David Bohmiller
Co-founder of Epicenter Training

How to Get More Personal Training Clients!

Scroll social media and you'll see Personal Trainers posting to increase awareness of their businesses, products, services, programs, and results, hoping for new followers and clients. As a content marketing strategy, I'm a fan. But, a content marketing strategy isn't a sales strategy.

I wouldn't stop "yelling into the abyss" entirely; there's value in social media posting. But, if you want accelerated success, better first conversations, improved orientation session booking, and to get more personal training clients, here's how to do things differently!

let's explore how to get more personal training clients!

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Transform Your LinkedIn Presence

Refreshing your LinkedIn profile is a crucial first step. Ensure it's attractive and speaks directly to your target audience. Highlight your expertise, showcase testimonials, and share valuable content to engage your network.

From your profile picture to cover photo, about and featured sections to experience and recommendations, each piece can be polished for professional and impactful presentation.

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Leverage Technology for Outreach

Utilize tools like Apollo and HubSpot to source and organize contact information efficiently. Personalize your outreach efforts and streamline communication with potential clients. Upgrade your CRM to make direct calls and enhance productivity. for personal trainers

Apollo's free tier has more than enough tools for an independent personal trainer. With the Chrome extension, it's the most-convenient way way we've found to source accurate contact information in just a few clicks. Beyond email credits for contact information, you'll find:

  • Basic sequence automation
  • AI-assisted email writing
  • Advanced Salesforce and HubSpot integration
  • and more!

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hubspot for personal trainers

HubSpot's free tier is also a powerhouse of features for the independent personal trainer. While Sales may be your focus, you'll also have access to:

  • Free Marketing tools
  • Free Service tools
  • Free CMS tools
  • Free Operations tools
  • Free Commerce tools

Well-organized onboarding guides walk you through the setup of each section, so you can be sure of a strong foundation for their use.

While it requires an upgrade to a paid subscription tier (at last look this was $240 annually), the ability to make and receive calls directly inside the CRM is a game changer. It's just a click or 2 to dial, take digital notes, track outcomes, and update your contacts and deals. There's nothing better than staying organized!

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Fitness Sales by Phone

Maintain Consistent Outreach

Establish a dedicated schedule for reaching out to individual prospects. Focus on quality over quantity, ensuring each contact receives personalized attention and communication. Track interactions using HubSpot's features and follow up promptly to nurture leads.

Just as your social media posting benefits from a consistent schedule, so too will your sales outreach. Rather than attending to it when inspiration strikes, schedule time for your outreach into your daily calendars, and set specific goals for numbers of calls made, emails sent, conversations had, or orientation sessions booked. Our preference is for orientation sessions booked as it brings you nearest to gaining a new client. The other areas can help you stay accountable to yourself, though the key will be scheduling and holding your presentation sessions.

You wouldn't let your clients leave their results to the chance of haphazard scheduling; be sure to follow and apply your own advice  here, too.

HubSpot's built-in tracking lets you know when prospects have opened emails or clicked on links. Based on this information, you can opt to follow-up promptly with a phone call, or decide what to include in your next communication or conversation to increase value.

Special Considerations for Independent Trainers

As an independent personal trainer, while you have flexibility, you won't have the benefit of the marketing and operational systems that corporate gyms offer. And, you won't have a manager to hold you accountable to your performance commitments. You'll need to lead yourself or join a community like the Epicenter Training Online Academy for peer support and accountability.

From a software for personal trainers pricing perspective, don't bite off more than you can chew financially. Where free tiers are available for products or services that can benefit your business, start there first, then expand or upgrade as the need or advantage becomes clear.

Embrace Active Sales Strategies

Unlike passive content strategies, active sales tactics prioritize direct engagement with potential clients. By actively reaching out and nurturing leads, you'll increase your chances of converting prospects into paying clients.

"good things don't come to those who wait!"

- unknown -

key takeaways of how to get more personal training clients

Building a successful personal training business requires a proactive approach to client acquisition. While the content marketing strategy of posting on social media is an important ingredient, if you don't also include active sales outreach to individual prospects, your dish won't be complete, and your business won't grow the way it could.

Leverage technology, maintain consistent outreach efforts, and embrace active sales strategies, and you'll attract more clients and propel your business to new levels of profitability and sustainability.

here's how to apply your knowledge

Knowing how to get more personal training clients is one thing. Applying the knowledge effectively and reaping those rewards is another. But don't worry, we're here to help.

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