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Laura MahoneyLaura Mahoney, CSCS

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Laura never intended to make a full career out of personal training, but after realizing how versatile it could be throughout the years, there was no going back.  Now after 12+ years in the industry, she is ecstatic to be able to help others develop their careers.


Her professional journey began at UCONN where she got a degree in Kinesiology, concentrating in Strength and Conditioning and became a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist upon graduating.  She quickly moved to Boston after that to start her career as a part time 1:1 personal trainer at a YMCA, then worked her way to becoming a group exercise instructor, small group trainer, Assistant Fitness Director, Group Program Manager, and Fitness Manager at corporate gyms in the city.

When it was time for her to settle into family life, she started her own online fitness and nutrition business, Laura Mahoney Fitness (Website / Instagram / Facebook), so she can have both the freedom and flexibility to be Mom and still do what she loves.

Laura's philosophy

There is always room for growth, adaptation, and unlimited potential in the fitness industry to make an impact while living the life you want to create for yourself.

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Laura Mahoney Personal Trainer

Not gonna lie, I don't miss wearing trainer uniforms. 😉

I worked in corporate gyms for 9+ years before taking the plunge to start my own business…and completely regret that I didn’t start it sooner.

You see, I was afraid.

Of not cutting it, of being so completely broke to afford living in Boston, of not having enough tools to hack it on my own, not feeling confident enough to support my OWN BRAND, of not having another company to hide behind…

Imposter syndrome got the better of me for yearssss!

I mean, how could *I* compare to the successful independent business owners?

Then one day, I decided it was time. I was planning on becoming a mom and knew the traditional corporate gym life wouldn’t cut it for me if I ever wanted to see my future children.

…so I took the plunge out of complete necessity, and never considered going back was an option.

Here I am, 3.5 years later, about to have my second kid, and am so grateful I took a chance on myself and developed the tools to have a successful business and the tough skin I was afraid I’d never have.

The benefits of being an independent trainer can be so far beyond what you think- and I hate to break it to you, you’ll never know unless you trust in it and yourself.

With the right support, you can achieve your dream life with all of the flexibility YOU want, while still getting to do what you love 💪

I cannot wait to see how Epicenter Training can get you out of your own way and help you develop the skill sets to become an independent trainer for good!

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    Meet David Bohmiller, Co-founder of Epicenter Training, Business Coach, and Organizational Change Management Consultant.

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